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Looking for a broker?

Our office is 100% focused on truck insurance. By dedicating our efforts to this one class of business our client base stays small so our level of service excels.


Here are some of our specialty services:


We DO NOT use CSR’s: (customer service reps)

Our clients business needs are always handled directly by the broker in charge.


Exclusive online customer portal:

Your current policy and financing information is available

to you securely on-line, including the ability to generate

your certificate of insurance 24/7.













Dedicated system for timely turnaround of insurance certificates:

If your customer or logistics broker needs to verify your insurance, you can't wait!


Whether you use our online customer portal, or your customer contacts us directly, our system is fully automated. We have the latest database and internet fax technology so your certificates of insurance will arrive to any fax, or email destination quickly, no matter what time of day.


Insurance software specifically designed for trucking:

Our client database has been constructed from the ground up to service TRUCKING operations. (not personal home and auto insurance) Our records keep track of your drivers, all types of tractors and trailers complete with unit numbers, lanes driven, and principle drivers.


Loss control:

Have a question about U.S. operating authorities? WSIB? IRP plating? C-TPAT? Fuel tax and log book reporting? We can probably answer most of your questions directly. However, we also have access to expert consultants. If we don’t know the answer we will find it for you.


We understand that premium costs are a factor in and like most other brokers we have access to the main long-haul trucking insurers in Ontario, however, it is our service and knowledge of the industry that keeps our clients happy more than any other factor. 


Contact Us Today

Scott Noftle

Principle trucking broker

Scott has been focused on long haul trucking for over 15 years, and has built a reputation for excellent service.


He soon realized that as the sole trucking broker in the company, he needed to create some specialized procedures to help him take care of his clients personally, and quickly.


With a background as an internet software specialist, Scott created a one of a kind management system that allows him to be a "truck insurance army of one".


Where large brokerage houses use customer service reps., and account managers to facilitate day to day business, Scott handles all his clients needs personally and quickly.


From new business accounts, to renewals, policy changes, and managing clients premium financing, he is always the one that picks up the phone and makes sure his clients are taken care of promptly.


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